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Natasha Wesley

Book Title: Îethkaîhâ Yawabi (Counting in Stoney) by Îyarhe Wiyapta (Shining Mountains), Natasha Wesley, Illustrated by Tanisha Wesley. Translation by by Natasha Wesley in the Îethka language of the Stoney Nakoda People

About the Book

This simple yet precious Îethkaîhâ book of numbers provides a beautiful narrative of counting. Author Natasha Wesley and her artist sister, Tanisha Wesley, portray the numbers 1 to 20 through their way of life.

About the Author

Îyarhe Wiyapta is a seventh-generation descendant of the Holy Medicine Man Chief Hector Crawler, and a sixth-generation descendant of George Crawler, who was a Treaty 7 signatory. She is also a fifth-generation descendant of Ta Otha (Moose Killer), Chief Peter Wesley, and Holy Medicine Man Chief William Snow. She enjoys skiing and being in nature with her family.

June 21 -26, 2021

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June 26, 2021, (Saturday)
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