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AAWC Structure

The Steering Committee is the structure by which all final decisions are made regarding what events will be hosted during the week of June 21st.  New events can be proposed early in the planning process, and the Steering Committee will decide if they are a suitable fit for the week’s events.

Events are funded through sponsorships and grants.  Funds raised and awarded grants go directly towards funding AAWC Events; a small percentage of funds are allocated towards administrative costs.

The AAWC Steering Committee is responsible for the facilitation of the Gala Event and the Family Day Pow Wow Festival.  The AAWC encourages agencies across the city to host their own event for the week of June 21st, and we will gladly promote their event on the Calendar of Events, which is available online.

June 21 -26, 2021

“Keeping the Circle Strong, Through, Mother Earth’s Future Generations.”