Indigenous Storyteller Showcase

Tim Fox

Book Title: Napi kii Imitaa (Napi and the Dogs) by Natoyi’sokasiim, Tim Fox and Illustrated by Keegan Starlight and Amanda Fox-Starlight. Translation in the language of the Blackfoot Confederacy

About the Book

In this well-known and humorous Blackfoot story, mice are having a celebration that Napi and the dogs want to join. To participate, each dog must be respectful and remove their tail. Thunder and rain create chaos and the dogs scramble, accidentally grabbing the wrong tail. How will the dogs ever find their correct tails?

About the Author

Natoyi’sokasiim is a member of the Kainai Blood Tribe within Siksikaitsitapi, the Blackfoot Confederacy. His family comes from the Ahkaipohkaaks, Many Children’s Clan. Tim currently lives and works in Mohkinstsis, Calgary. He is the Vice President of Indigenous Relations for the Calgary Foundation. He is blessed and grateful to be raising his daughter, Charm, alongside her mom Dawn Fox.

June 19 -25, 2022

“Keeping the Circle Strong through
Language and Culture.”

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