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Steering Committee

The Aboriginal Awareness Week Calgary Steering Committee’s primary purpose is to organize, develop, and implement a variety of events for the week of June 21st that celebrate Aboriginal cultures while creating awareness within Calgary.

The Steering Committee is comprised of representatives from various factions of the community, including volunteers, the not-for-profit sector and corporate Calgary.  Led by a Chair, the members meet twice a month from January to June and once a month from July to December.  Steering Committee members commit to a one-year term, and the Chair is required to commit to a two-year term.

The Steering Committee works collaboratively to develop a unified system for planning and priority setting, and for establishing funding allocation and reporting/accountability requirements.

Committee members seek consensus wherever possible.  If, for whatever reason, consensus cannot be achieved, committee members may agree to a recommendation through another process, such as voting, inviting an Elder for support or tabling the issue for future discussion.

Members of the Steering Committee are asked to provide a minimum of one (1) month notice to the Chair if they are required to/decide to resign from their position on the committee.  Should new members be interested in joining the committee, they should contact the Chair and ask to be invited to the next meeting.


Sub Committees are responsible for the organization and facilitation of a specific task that falls within AAWC events, such as the Gala Event coordination, or Volunteer coordination.  Each sub-committee requires a Coordinator who is responsible for reporting bi-weekly to the larger Steering Committee.  Sub Committee members are comprised of members of the community who have either expressed an interest in joining or who were specifically asked to join the committee.  Members of sub committees are asked to commit to a six-month term, from January to the end of June.  The following is a list of the Sub Committees:

  • Pow Wow Event
  • Family Day Event
  • Funding/Fiscal
  • Volunteer/First Aid/Parking
  • Media & Marketing

If you would like to join of one of the sub committees please contact

June 21 -26, 2021

“Keeping the Circle Strong, Through, Mother Earth’s Future Generations.”